Archive (High Ground)

Dec 2006 
Dec 01 A very sentimental farewell
Nov 2006 
Nov 27 Why the 2007 elections is the sum of Gloria’s fears
Nov 25 Beware: Serving pork can be more deadly than eating it
Nov 19 Why the Philippines ought to develop a nuclear bomb
Nov 16 Who are the legitimate enemies of the AFP?
Nov 13 Karma hits the war mongers
Nov 09 How firm is Gloria sans The Firm?
Nov 06 A Pinoy’s Italian Adventure
Oct 2006 
Oct 30 All Saints Day and the people we miss very badly
Oct 23 How the poor will bring the country up or down
Oct 16 The rewards dwarf the risks in the Philippines
Oct 02 Believe it or not: Croc hunter Steve Irwin feared parrot bite
Sep 2006 
Sep 28 Did PCGG's Rick Abcede bite more than he could chew?
Sep 25 Warning: This murder will infuriate you
Sep 21 SC fights for its own and our nation’s survival
Sep 18 Ancilla: Another amazing true-to-life success story
Sep 14 The plot to buy the 2007 elections
Sep 11 The omen
Sep 10 What does Richard Gomez have to offer Bulacan as Governor?
Sep 07 The Team USA basketball legend is shattered
Sep 04 What will our Prime Minister and Parliament be like?
Aug 2006 
Aug 31 The difference in US and RP attitudes toward whistleblowers
Aug 28 Cha Cha is the oligarchy’s Trojan Horse
Aug 21 Why Ninoy Aquino would weep if he were alive today
Aug 17 Wake-up call for the Philippine oligarchy
Aug 14 What if Bolante wants to cut clean and spill the beans?
Aug 10 Mishandling the state of Gloria's health
Aug 07 Why the ‘Sonny Belmonte for President’ banner was raised
Jul 2006 
Jul 31 The man who should lead us after Gloria
Jul 27 'I'm not pro-Gloria' -- Fidel V. Ramos
Jul 24 Sowing seeds of hope on fertile Filipino hearts
Jul 17 Amazing true-to-life success stories
Jul 13 The ordeal and last hurrah of Fidel V. Ramos
Jul 10 You can be wealthy and still be happy
Jul 03 Two ‘Angels of Hope’ are coming to the Philippines
Jun 2006 
Jun 26 Our road users mirror our society
Jun 22 P1 B for anti-insurgency: What was Arroyo thinking?
Jun 19 The kiss of death to Villar’s presidential ambition
Jun 16 That COPA ‘conspiracy’ video
Jun 12 Pinoy fantasia
Jun 08 NBA Finals: Can the Shaq survive the Dirk?
Jun 05 Is Gloria M. Arroyo still in charge?
Jun 01 Who are behind the killings of journalists and Leftists?
May 2006 
May 29 Can we trust Arroyo to negotiate with the Marcoses?
May 24 Relevance, not ‘The Da Vinci Code,’ is the real problem
May 22 Binay vs. Lapid: The proxy war
May 15 Unsolicited advice for Gloria M. Arroyo
May 13 The Da Vinci Code vs. Da Venecia Code
May 08 Preview of the hell our children will inherit
May 04 Randy David et al. ought to sue those who arrested them
May 01 NetOne: Sowing unity through media
Apr 2006 
Apr 29 Impact of recent events
Apr 28 Mike Arroyo: In court but doesn't realize it
Apr 25 PIA is misusing taxpayers’ money
Apr 24 Impressive Singapore
Apr 21 Remembering Uncle Bob Stewart
Apr 17 It’s time the Philippines tried democracy
Apr 10 Aren’t we an “un-Christian” nation?
Apr 06 General Palparan is daydreaming
Apr 03 Flaws of that 'Open Letter to our Leaders'
Mar 2006 
Mar 29 Bribe if you can’t coerce the media
Mar 27 Does Arroyo want to make Honasan a hero?
Mar 20 Monumental blunder: The attempted theft of the Liberal Party
Mar 15 Two military actions had their own transition councils
Mar 13 Why the Palace fears unnamed news sources
Mar 09 How Gloria M. Arroyo can trigger a Philippine civil war
Mar 06 When brave soldiers cry
Feb 2006 
Feb 28 Using the Leftist bogey to justify Proclamation 1017
Feb 27 Is Manny Pacquiao worthy of hero worship?
Feb 25 A Philippine civil war is now a real possibility
Feb 20 Edsa didn’t fail us, we failed ourselves
Feb 13 Press freedom is not a license to malign religious beliefs
Feb 06 How social responsibility can rebuild the country
Jan 2006 
Jan 30 PR tips for FG Mike Arroyo
Jan 23 Arroyo fields her ‘Imperial Guard’
Jan 16 Our ‘ONLY in the Philippines’ brand of justice
Jan 09 Why Arroyo wants No-EL
Jan 02 Inside story: QTV’s phenomenal achievement
Dec 2005 
Dec 26 When ‘good news’ is worse than bad news
Dec 19 How NOT to oust Arroyo
Dec 12 Two towering heroes of the 23rd SEA Games
Dec 05 Gloria, Garci infect the SEA Games
Nov 2005 
Nov 28 Be ready for more showbiz presidents
Nov 21 Nostalgia storms Manila
Nov 14 Why the opposition fails to oust Arroyo
Nov 07 The head of terrorism in the Philippines
Oct 2005 
Oct 31 La Salle lost by trying to win at all cost
Oct 24 Why we can’t solve our problems
Oct 17 How to understand Gloria’s survival tactics
Oct 10 The High Price We Pay for Truth Decay
Oct 03 How Gloria is like and unlike Marcos
Sep 2005 
Sep 26 A Filipino Tragedy: Lament of a Balikbayan
Sep 19 Cory vs. Gloria: The inevitable collision
Sep 12 Why our congressmen can be so arrogant
Sep 05 The Unseen Force: The YOUng and the Young
Aug 2005 
Aug 29 Bro. Mike Velarde: Evangelist or Power Broker?
Aug 22 How we can move forward from Gloria and Garci
Aug 15 Raul S. Roco: Filipinos lose the best, keep the worst
Aug 08 Gloria Governs the Philippines by Delusion
Aug 01 Inane Talk Show Hosts of the Boob Tube
Jul 2005 
Jul 25 Why Gloria was doomed to fail from the start
Jul 17 Gloria hangs on through myths and obfuscations
Jul 11 Life in the golden, momentous 1960s
Jul 03 Let’s move on to what and with whom?
Jun 2005 
Jun 27 CSI sheds light on the Gloria-Garci tape controversy
Jun 20 Perilous options for the country and Gloria M. Arroyo
Jun 06 Judas Iscariot is better than our worst leaders
May 2005 
May 29 Know the duplicitous character of showbiz
May 22 Will you dare to take this logic test?
May 15 How the OFWs will save the Philippines
May 08 Filipinos found overstaying in Fantasyland
May 01 PAL reacts to the wheelchair incident
Apr 2005 
Apr 25 Why Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger is the new pope
Apr 17 Loss of credibility precedes loss of power
Apr 10 Who can fill the big shoes Pope John Paul II left behind?
Apr 03 Why I’ll never fly with PAL again
Mar 2005 
Mar 27 A history lesson for Filipinos
Mar 20 Politics killed Jesus Christ
Mar 13 Can you trust your congressman?
Mar 07 Are we really a happy nation?
Feb 2005 
Feb 27 Can we still avoid the social explosion?
Feb 20 Thanks to Ate Glo, Marcos now looks good!
Feb 13 Love and compassion as a business success formula
Feb 06 Alcuaz: The epitome of the lost and confused Filipino
Jan 2005 
Jan 30 Over 100,000 civilians killed… but does anyone remember?
Jan 24 Ate Glo, Erap and the state of our national delusion
Jan 17 How Rasputins and cordon sanitaires destroy us
Jan 10 The hazards of political weather tracking
Jan 03 Could that be the Christmas before the political storm?
Dec 2004 
Dec 27 Susan Roces: New nightmare of Macapagal-Arroyo
Dec 20 In a season of hope, let’s start with the truth
Dec 13 Should we fear anarchy?
Dec 05 A tormented PMAer seeks my advice
Nov 2004 
Nov 28 Good news sells but media won’t listen
Nov 22 The sorry state of RP movies and society
Nov 14 Success and failure of unity in the Philippines
Nov 08 The Filipino’s biggest enemy
Nov 01 Should we be proud of our free press?
Oct 2004 
Oct 24 Have Ateneo, La Salle accomplished their Catholic mission?
Oct 17 The “Perfect Storm” that is about to hit the Philippines
Oct 10 Filipino or English: A deluge of pros and cons
Oct 04 The logic of Senator Lito Lapid
Sep 2004 
Sep 27 Pilipino or English for all the wrong reasons
Sep 20 RP hope: The economy of communion
Sep 19 Having no future, we retreat to our past
Sep 13 Isn’t this madness in Macapagal-Arroyo’s methods?
Sep 06 We can make or break with the crisis
Aug 2004 
Aug 30 Philippine history is rewritten before it is even learned
Aug 23 FPJ should rejoice that he lost the elections!
Aug 16 Marcos health: Key to identifying who ordered Aquino killed
Aug 08 Who’s afraid of Mike Arroyo?
Aug 02 Downer, master put-downer down under
Jul 2004 
Jul 26 The political system must recast or face extinction
Jul 19 Angelo de la Cruz is Macapagal-Arroyo's karma
Jul 12 Con Ass? Con Con? Con job!
Jul 05 How do you solve a problem like Mike Arroyo?
Jun 2004 
Jun 28 Our hypocrisy confronts us
Jun 21 Lessons from the
Jun 14 We fail to see the big picture
Jun 07 Who ought to shut up?
May 2004 
May 31 The new methods of election cheating and fraud
May 17 Poe may yet win the '04 vote!
May 10 Destabilization scenarios

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